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Gathering house related documentation is a critical part of determining the true value of your house. This documentation also helps you discover your ability to insure and refinance the house.  I help you gather this “house evidence” at no charge to you, so you can make an informed financial decision regarding your marital house.  This information is even more critical if you are representing yourself.

Whether you keep the house or sell it

Protect your post-divorce credit score and your family’s financial future.

Although the marital home generally accounts for 60% of a family’s net worth, there is nearly no state-prescribed guidance for divorce real estate – often the most valuable marital asset. Because “Appraisal Minus Mortgage” does NOT equal house equity, learn essential real estate due diligence you need now to easily supplement evidence of your house value – with no extra attorney and little-to-no homeowner cost/effort.

When Keeping the House Equals Losing the Divorce:

Discover critical mistakes in divorce real estate

Many critical mistakes in divorce real estate are preventable during divorce but not fixable after:

  • Because her EX kept the house, one woman was dragged into bankruptcy after his mortgage refinance application was denied post-divorce and their joint mortgage then foreclosed!
  • One man discovered his EX’s $216,700 pre-marital debt became HIS debt post-divorce as a lien recorded during the marriage against title to the house he kept!
  • Even a REALTOR® learned paying off home equity debt didn’t cancel the account.  Her EX “maxed” it out with $25,000 debt secured by the house she kept!
  • Because she kept the house, one woman had to pay $12,000  of her EX’s attorney’s fees – even with a property settlement hold harmless provision!
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About Bob

Bob Adelfson is an Arizona licensed real estate sales agent and a Real Estate Collaborative Specialist – Divorce (RCS-D™) focusing on Consumer Protection in Divorce & Elder Real Estate.  Less than 1% of licensed real estate agents nationwide hold this designation.

Bob is professionally trained by Professor Kelly Lise Murray, a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Law schools, and the lead investigator/faculty for the National Family Court Project on Housing and Financial Justice.  Bob is trained to neutralize divorce real estate, treating the house as a business transaction, acting in the best interest of the house – and each divorcing spouse.  Leading your divorce real estate team, Bob serves as a project manager working with you and your lawyer to help gather house critical documentation which helps serve as essential evidence of your house value. Such additional evidence is needed during your divorce process, especially before any property negotiation or mediation.

Bob’s team includes professionals in mortgage, title, insurance, home inspection, and appraisals.

Bob Adelfson

Bob Adelfson

Realtor®, RCS-D™, PSA, SRES, C2EX, ePro


What We Can Do For You


[Real Estate Collaborative Specialist – Divorce™], your divorce real estate team can provide FREE and fee-based information including:



Get Help

Most house-related documents and consultations are free. We can help you.


Get Documents

The house is a document-intensive asset, with legal and financial risks. What are you risking?


Get Informed

Mediation requires informed and voluntary settlements. But if you are missing most house-related documents, your lack of information will likely result in uninformed decision making.

Get Protected

Property division is probably permanent. Know what you’re getting into, and stuck with, to get it right the first time! Knowledge is power.

A note from Bob

Don’t settle for a bad property settlement.

Now is not the time to leave real estate to chance, given property division is likely permanent.  Before you sign any property settlement it is important to know what you OWE, what you OWN, and what you are STUCK WITH. Call today for your FREE consultation

Our Training

The RCS-D™ Designation course is a 12-hour skills-based supplement for Real Estate Licensees taught by Harvard Law graduate Kelly Lise Murray, JD.  This course clarifies the consumer protection role of Real Estate Licensees, pre-transaction, to help facilitate information gathering that fosters informed decision making by homeowners in divorce and elder matters regarding real estate related issues including valuation and disposition. Less than 1% of real estate agents nationwide hold this designation.

Our Tools

Free Resources

With your free registration, we will email you our digital library and local resources ebook Information for Consumer Protection in Divorce & Elder Real Estate.   Order Now!

Customized Plan

During your free consultation, we develop a customized plan using our proprietary Real Property Information | RPI tracking tool.  This tool helps identify needed documentation and streamlines the consultation and document gathering process.

RPI Tracking Tool

Using the RPI Tracking Tool we walk you through the four categories of house due diligence to help you identify the needed documentation and consultations to ensure you see the “whole picture”. The RPI Tracking Tool monitors your progress and automatically identifies any outstanding issues.  Once complete it generates a final written report you can deliver, along with the gathered documentation, to your attorney or mediator.


Why do I need house documents?

You need house documents for your own protection. The house is a document-intensive legal and financial asset.  Many of the same documents you signed when you purchased your house are relevant to property mediation.  These documents help determine true house equity (not just appraisal minus mortgage balance), refinance-ability, resale-ability, and more.

Why can't I rely on just an appraisal?

House appraisals are useful in determining the current market value of a home but they don’t show the whole picture.  In fact, appraisals are missing two key items that can:


  • significantly lower your house value
  • prevent re-sale

Which house due diligence items are FREE?

Under fair credit laws, key consultations including mortgage and house insurance are free. Be sure the professionals you choose have a consumer protection approach.  We have a team of professionals in five essential categories including:

  • Mortgage
  • Title
  • House Insurance
  • House Condition
  • House Appraisal

Are our services as project manager really FREE?

Yes, we do not charge a fee to help schedule consultations and gather house related documents. Because we are consumer protection focused we hope to earn your referral to anyone who may need assistance with house documents or real estate.

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