Arizona's Real Estate Divorce Specialist

If you are a divorcing homeowner, I can help you get FREE help and FREE house-related documents to protect your interest in the marital home.

Can you answer these questions?

  • Is the house title clear and marketable?
  • Can the marital mortgage be refinanced and has the retaining spouse obtained written pre-approval to refinance?
  • Is the house in good physical condition? Has the attic, crawl space, and similar areas been physically inspected for hidden damage?
  • Are you a named insured on property & casualty, and title insurance?
  • Will you have an insurable interest in the house post-divorce?
  • Can the spouse keeping the house obtain property, casualty, and title insurance?

I am specially trained to serve as a neutral third party to help facilitate information gathering that fosters informed decision making by homeowners in divorce.

My Services

At no cost to you, I can help gather documents and schedule free consultations regarding key due diligence categories including mortgage, title, and insurance.  We can also assist in obtaining inspections to determine house conditions, however, there is a fee for this service.  These documents help establish the true value of your home.

Why Work With Me?

As a licensed real estate agent I already have working relationships with all the key house related professionals including mortgage, title, insurance, and house condition divorcing homeowners need. I recommend multiple professionals in these categories for you to consider.

My Philosophy

I take a consumer protection approach so that a divorcing homeowner keeping the house knows the risk before making a binding decision.  My goal is to help preserve homeownership.  If you determine you need to sell your home my commission rates are negotiable.

Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce™

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We help you gather all the necessary documentation

How Our Process Works

  1.  At no cost, we will meet with you to identify which documents to secure (your choice) and explain why they are necessary.
  2. Based on your choices we will help schedule the necessary consultations (Mortgage, Title, House Insurance, Inspection, Appraisal).
  3. The above-referenced consultations will often generate much of the needed documentation.
  4. We identify any outstanding documentation and help you obtain the missing pieces.
  5. We will organize the documentation into 4 key categories and deliver the completed packet to you.
  6. You can then deliver the completed house documentation packet to your attorney, or we will securely send it to them directly.

House Document Support for

Family Mediation / Litigation with Real Property

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